Primer Redux

Update of an 18th century Boston model

32 pages, 6 x 9 inches, saddlewired
available exclusively from our web-site:
$25. postpaid

A primer is a form of an elementary book by which children are taught to read. Our title, just completed, updates small black woodcuts with fresh and colorful drawings. Each letter of the alphabet has a drawing and a easily remembered rhyme, mnemonic devices used to aid letter and word recognition. PLUS we have added twenty six named colors (A to Z) AND included a list of these colors with recipes on how they are formulated. See the difference between “Robin’s Egg” and “Tiffany” blue, and how “Jonquil” differs from “School Bus” as you learn to read, all while receiving helpful and charming advice for deportment, a lesson in morals, and continuing your Bible studies!
For example, the letter “I”: “To Idols of clay you shall not pray” is accompanied with a swatch of “Icterine”, the color of jaundice (and some birds).