Parker by the Book

Adventures of Gregor Samsa (continued)
Hoofprint on the WindFlight (1981)Gunga Din (1987)The Fox and the Kingfisher (1990)Kafka, Dreams, Diaries, Fragments (1994)

Robert Andrew Parker

8.25 x 11.7 inches, adhesive bound paperback, 108 pages printed color throughout on offwhite uncoated stock

One image each from 100 books is reproduced on its own page, together with author/title/publisher and date; presented in chronological order, the first book is by Marianne Moore, published by the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1962: “Eight Poems: with drawings by..., hand colored by the artist”. The final book included (the bibliography doesn't pretend to be complete) is “Adventures of Gregor Samsa (continued)” which are colored drypoint etchings privately and sporadically published by the author. Between these are juvenile trade edition storybooks as well as limited edition suites of prints. An author index is included.