Decorated Boards and Endleaf

The cover (Sahagún endleaf)
Decorative Board (Title page)Wolfgang von Goethe, "Reineke Fuchs", Munich: 1846M. Valerii Martialis, "Epigrammatum Paris": Joseph Barbou, 1754James Cowles Pritchard, "The Natural History of Man": London: H. Baillière, 1855G. Nordenskiöld, "Ruiner af Klippboningar i Mesa Verde’s Cañons": Stockholm: P. A. Norstedt & Söners, 1893In "Fvnere Caroli III": Parmae: Ex Regio Typographeo (Bodoni), 1789Strickland Gibson, "English Printing 1700–1925": London: Dulau and Company, 1925Samuel Johnson, "A Dictionary of the English Language . . .": London: 1756 [second edition]"The Poetical Works of S. T. Coleridge": London: William Pickering, 1828George Sand, "Impressions et Souvenirs Paris": Michel Lévy Frères, 1873

302 pages, 10.25 x 5.75 inches, adhesive bound paperback;
150 full page color reproductions.